“Dance is the hidden language of the soul.”
Martha Graham



Summer Nights

Rush Of Gold

My Winter Mediterranean walks are filled with bold, intense and vibrant colours. People seem to seek for the beach and the sun in the Summer when there is so many people that it doesn´t feel like Holidays but an ordeal for everyone…, I love walking through deserted beaches with bare feet in winter, alone and with all the time in the world, when you can park the car anywhere you fancy for free. Get a table at any retaurant.

This few shots are just how much power there is in the colours and the blue blue blue sea. How the sun makes the rocks so red you need to tune down the saturation.

Enjoyed so so much the overdose of Mediterranean colours that it gave me a rush for the rest of the winter.

I hope you love the snaps too x


Let me take you to a unique universe where reality and time disappear. Where rush and reason don’t exist. Only an emotional dialogue between our intimate core and the mirror of those emotions, this is where Lidia Masllorens work lives.

I was asked to go to her studio and try to portray the feeling of her work and her. It was a very special moment but also frightening because since Christmas I just could not find or feel any creativity nor inspiration in my work and I was stuck into organising my back catalogue, it’s useful but not very satisfying. I felt like I didn’t have anything else to give, Winter can be dull when the light is flat and bi-dimensional. So I was terrified.

Only needed to move there and hope for the best, say yes and go for it, Doing a short trip to my home country was enough really. The sun just burns into your eyes and the blues become so vibrant, the sand almost red brick and the brain stops to think and the heart starts to breath.

Lidia’s studio is her universe, it’s unique and it’s a mess, mess everywhere, and yet every brush, every cable, every wall it’s a click from my camera, her expressions of discomfort when she doubts, her tiredness, her laugh, her generosity all become clear in her final work, but they are also her and you at the same time, a mirror. Dirt becomes beauty or more like she tries to debeautify our world.

Art first sight her work seems like a pretty cartoon, when you look close her work is full of texture and it’s so much depth you get lost into it.

I just love her as a person and her work which by her words is also us and how we see ourselves. One Art critic thinks she is like Manolo Valdes in a sense that she deconstructs reality and that is accurate.

I hope this pictures can transmit just that.

On Neix La Llum

It has been a while, Winter if white is extremely gratifying but as a whole is a flat dirty grey light it´s dull and as a Mediterranean very hard to deal with this monotonous lethargic soul. They call in winter blues, I do not know, I don´t see nor feel any colour.

It has been now two maybe three years that like many takes a flight to see that somewhenre the light still exisits and objects are not uniform or two dimentional and there is a world with colour where the sun shapes life.

I go to the place where I was born and where I don´t need to look for the warmth and the blues mediterranean vibrant blues or hues of early golden light, pinks so subtle that they have no name. The Mediterranean winter light is so humble and so delicate it melts my camera, my eyes and reaches out inside my soul without even asking permision to my overly thinking head.

It´s a place where things and emotions happen without the mathematical precision, without thinking, its a pure and intuitive world i and feel it mine, you see it´s like a total conection between the light and the heart and I do hope you can feel it if only a little how beautiful and fulfiling is…. to wake up just a little bit early :)



Un Altre Lloc
El Banc

El Banc



Els Blau