Montserrat was born and raised in Banyoles (Catalonia). Her father is an Art Collector and published critic. She listened to the conversation with many artists and writers and her artistic temperament was nurtured and grew from a very early age.

Montserrat studied Art History and Fine Art at The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona where she learned how to use a film camera and developed her first pictures in the dark room. Then moved into Graphic Design working in various studios in Barcelona (Alfonso Sostres, Litos Studio among others), and also as a free lance. She moved to England in 1995, married and raised a family of three daughters and has been a volunteer with Organisations such as The Citizens Advice Bureau and Oxfam for many years.

With her daughters reaching an age where they no longer needed the same amount of devotion and care she found a hole in her life which she has filled with her passion and dedication to photography.

She is developing a very distinctive style learning from her idols such as Ernst Haas and Man Ray, trying to emulate them but also bringing her own energy and culture into the mix to make her work identifiable but unique.


She has had photographs published in the Guardian newspaper and is building a body of work that encapsulates the way that she sees the world around her and her life between Catalonia and Northamptonshire in England, in her own way still invisible and unnoticed and with her artistic temperament continuing to grow towards a timeless style.

Montserrat is currently working as a part time Freelance photographer, mainly working with private clients, creating bespoke portfolios and photo sessions.For her working as a photographer is a joy and a blessing.